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How to build an upsell strategy for your membership site

Estrategia upsell de membresía
✅ Discover how to build a good and effective upsell strategy for your membership site and increase the ticket of each client.

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To get your membership business to work in the medium and long term, it is important to have a well-designed plan: one of the keys is to have an upsell strategy.

When you start, you may find a single product interesting (so you can focus on improving it), but that would lead you to give up a very hot audience that is satisfied and willing to invest more in you.

That’s where these upsell strategies come in.

What is an upsell?

What is an upsell?

Let’s start from the begininng

An upsell is a strategy that consists of offering an additional or complementary product or service.

In the case of your membership site, to your subscriber.

«Upsell» literally means «sell a little more.» And to carry it out, we will seek to improve the buyer’s experience with our membership site and, at the same time, increase sales.

What is the approach to an upsell in a membership site?

Upsells are a strategy that has been applied recurrently in business for many years.

You could buy a Mercedes and pay a little more for the leather seats. Or order a pizza and have double the cheese for a few extra euros.

In a membership site, its operation is very similar. It offers a bonus that improves the customer experience and in this way is willing to pay more to add value to their membership.

First ensure the client satisfaction and then increase their needs.

Have you ever started to delve into a certain world and realized that it goes far beyond what you would have ever thought?

With this marketing it happens in a very similar way.

We use to think that a niche, a tool or a specialty is very simple, but suddenly you are faced with infinite content.

And that’s part of the secret.

The more you know about something, the more your level of consciousness increases and the more you want to go deeper.

Like when you start going to the gym and you want to take care of your diet.

  • You will start by reducing the foods that are harmful to your health.
  • You will follow a balanced diet to maximize its benefits.
  • You will choose the best foods at a macro and micro level for your body.

The same thing happens with a membership.

Your first goal will be to satisfy your client’s basic need. But once you are inside and have delved into the subject, surely more aspirations will arise.

Why let someone else show it to you if you are in a position to do so?

Why is it important to develop a good upsell strategy?

Upsell strategy in a membership

The goal is very clear: maximize the income you get from your membership.

Sounds good, right?

Achieve that the economic value of any of the members of your team is higher

If you want to know how to do it, keep reading and you will discover some of the best strategies to apply an upsell in your membership.

What types of upsell are there?

Offering an upsell to a customer of a satisfied membership is usually one of the best strategies to increase the value of each of these customers:

  • To be able to access exclusive content that is not available to everyone.
  • Having the possibility to access live classes that are only available for a higher level.
  • Increase the number of resources, tools or value that you have access to at that time.
  • Enjoy a private and personalized support for your specific case.
  • And if you still want to go further, the possibility of accessing face-to-face events every year.

Having a membership does not mean that you cannot also sell individual courses on a specific topic parallel to the membership.

For example, you have a marketing membership but you sell a course on Mindset, Reels, or How to Read Faster separately. And you can make a discount to members of the membership (which we recommend) and also sell it outside

Sure there are more types, but these are the most common and the ones with which you can start to shape your membership with an upsell strategy.

The important thing is that you take advantage of the close relationship you have with your subscribers to listen and understand them. That way you can know what they need and how you can help them.

What is Cross Sell?

This is a very suitable type of upsell if you have a large number of products and want to promote them.

In this way, you will be able to offer one product as a complement to the other in the sales funnel that you have developed.

For example, imagine that you have a membership in which you offer opponents all the tools they need to get their exams forward.

At a certain point, you can offer members of the membership a mentoring complement where they have personalized sessions with you.

Is it worth using an upsell strategy with your membership business?

Increase your sales with a membership site

Yes and we will always recommend it.

In so many memberships the profitability is not in the first product, but in the subsequent upsells.

Those who most want to delve into this topic or want more personalized attention are going down through your own customer funnel (fewer and fewer people buy your next products) but the price is higher and the profitability also since those customers already had them.

Many times we focus on getting new customers when it is often easier, and cheaper, to offer more products to customers we already have and know.

To use upsell as a sales strategy within your business, you need to find the right time and product.

It has to be a complement to what they already have, a plus that will help them to continue deepening.

Así lo verán como el camino natural a seguir en su proceso de aprender o divertirse con tu membresía.

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