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Monthly or annual? Deciding when your membership is paid

membresía mensual o anual
💰 Discover how you can organize your membership payments to maximize the results of your online business. Come in and find out!

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One of the most important decisions when planning your membership is when a client will have to pay.

For many people it is not important, but the reality is that there is much more behind it.

In today’s article you will discover when and how to decide when to pay for a membership in a strategic way to increase the number of customers and their satisfaction.

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How is your membership paid? The three most common types of payment

Membership payment management
Do you want to swim in money?

Although we would like to tell you that now we are going to blow your mind, there are many ideas that you are already more or less handling.

The three most common ways to sell a membership are with a monthly, quarterly or annual payment.

In your day to day you have examples of each type:

  • Monthly: Netflix, your house rent, Adobe tools and even the freelance fee.
  • Quarterly: Training Academies.
  • Annual: Tools such as Buffer, platforms such as Direct Invoice or streaming services such as Disney + or Amazon Prime.

It may be that one of the most complicated to find is the quarterly payment, but surely you will also come up with an example. Leave it in the comments and we add it up here.

The Good, the Ugly and the Bad: the best strategy to sell more

When you plan your pricing strategy, it will be essential that you have a plan to choose which one you want to sell.

Many people think that it is enough to place two or three options and that the user chooses the one that angers him the most, but this is the fastest way to lose time, money and potential clients.

That’s where the role of the Good, the Ugly and the Bad comes in.


As the Argentines would say, it is only there to make the rest look «lindo».

The key is that it is such a basic version that for anyone who really needs your product or service it falls short.

That way, they will be aware that it is not interesting to them.

In a way, this ugly price also serves as an entrance for someone who does or does want to pay you, but who cannot do it now.

If you can make your potential client not rely too much on this option and look for another, we will do much better.

Also, if you show them that your product or service is worth paying for, I’ll jump right in as soon as I get the chance.


Write down!

You will price the bad price so high that no one in their right mind would buy it … and your goal will not be to sell it.

As you know, people make decisions by contrast. You don’t know if something is expensive or cheap without being able to buy it.

So why don’t you set the standards when it comes to making that comparison?

Good one

The product you want to sell

If you are not sure which one it is, you will not have a good one and an ugly one either. Remember that it is by comparison.

You have to make it the most attractive of the entire grill in terms of quality and price.

The advantages and disadvantages of each of the memberships

How to pay for a membership

Now that you know one of the sales strategies that convert the most, it is time to think about what type of membership you are going to implement in your business.

For this, we are going to analyze both the positive and negative points of the monthly, quarterly and annual memberships.

Advantages and disadvantages of monthly membership

Perhaps the best known and most used membership in the world of membership sites.

As a positive point, you have that people are already very used to using it, that you receive a guaranteed payment every month and that it is very likely that it is the favorite option of many people.

In addition to the fact that in this type of membership, the client is more aware that he has to take advantage of it since the payments are recurring every less time.

As disadvantages we find that being monthly, they can be canceled at any time and your income can be unbalanced from month to month for this reason. In addition, the oversaturation of monthly memberships can be a handicap for your client.

Advantages and disadvantages of quarterly membership

The quarterly membership is surely the most forgotten of these three options, which is why you can take advantage of this aspect to turn it into an opportunity.

The word trimester inevitably takes us to the student period, so it can be an advantage for memberships of the training style since they are consistent with this memory.

As a disadvantage we will count that subscribers may forget that they are subscribed because it is renewed every three months and when they go to renew, they prefer to cancel it for not having used it enough.

Advantages and disadvantages of annual membership

Not that we have a favorite, but if we did, we would look very closely at this style of membership.

Among its advantages we have that you increase the quality of your subscribers thanks to the fact that you have fewer subscribers for the purchase price; there is more interest from subscribers towards your business and as it is a larger payment type, it allows you to reinvest or play with the money.

The disadvantages? Accounts with less stability and predictability due to problems that may arise when making an annual payment.

In addition to billing problems, since 12 months is a long enough period for the card to expire or the subscriber has no balance.

How can you choose price?

Any of these strategies can work if applied correctly.

However, from x15Media we always recommend betting on the annual option:

  • You don’t need to be overwhelmed to convince each other to stay with you so you can think about your community (which will help your membership grow).
  • You will get a greater cash flow for the business, which will allow you to invest in it and ensure that it grows in a more solid way.

Be that as it may, what really matters at the end of the day is that the strategy you choose is chosen wisely, as this will allow you to make the right decisions.

Therefore, if you need help with your membership, how to put it into practice and start planning a sales strategy, at x15Media we will be happy to help you with everything you need.

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