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Pillar of your membership: why do you decide to pay its cost?

Este es el pilar de tu membresía
Do you know what the pillar of your membership is? Are you clear about why they decide to pay for your product or service? Let's take a look at this revealing detail ...

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In the past, villages were built around churches.

Churches were centers of culture and soul, so it made sense for people to settle on their slopes.

Don’t worry, I don’t want to talk to you about churches today.

Your business is not a cathedral, nor does it need to. However, your membership can learn a lot about them.

Memberships don’t come out of nowhere, but rather have a central pillar that shapes them.

So the first question I have to ask you today is… what is the central pillar of your membership?

If you still don’t have the answer, don’t worry. We accompany you in the process to find it in this article.

The mainstay of your membership can be anything

Pillar of your membership

Today I do not want to talk about the most common examples of memberships that you already know because I would not tell you anything new.

I want you to think of other types of projects much lighter that are finding great opportunities in their content.

For example, do you know La Manzana Mordida?

Although it has now grown, it is a membership built around a premium podcast.

The last time I saw it, more than 300 people were paying 5 euros a month for two hours of weekly programming.

On Sundays, like clockwork.

At La Manzana Mordida they are very aware that this is the reason why people come, but then they have to know what the reason is for staying.

And that reason is the additional content in the form of formations that they share.

What makes your membership unique and different?

One of the most important questions we all need to ask ourselves is what makes our membership different.

If we ask someone why they choose us over the competition, do you know what their answer would be?

In the case of La Manzana Bordida, they would answer that the podcast, with all security. Because somehow it is the extension after so many years of work that makes them feel special.

There would even be answers that would claim that it is a way to answer all the value that they have contributed for free for years.

But what would they answer in your case?

If you do not have a correct answer, then we are going to discuss how you could trace the path to find yours:

  • Look at the analytics.
  • Take surveys.
  • Differentiate the two types of content.

Let’s see it in depth.

Look at the analytics: where do they spend the most time?

Statistics of your membership

Your membership is a business. And just like in any other business, it is important to look at what our audience consumes the most.

When Mercadona removes a product from its shelves, it is because it has noticed that there is a decrease in its purchase, and when it adds another, it is because the public has strongly demanded it.

But when it comes to digital businesses and specifically memberships, it’s very easy for something to happen to us.

We start creating content because we think that more is better.

Since this is a place where we have to constantly be incorporating content, it overwhelms us to think that we can fail only once.

And this is a problem on many levels.

Because if there is a first step you must take to find the pillar of your business, it is to look at what is being used the most.

Having this information is the first step to apply the Pareto Law that we have already told you about in The Membership Club.

Take a poll: your opinion is worth gold

Okay, now that you’ve looked at the analytics, you can get an idea of ​​what your audience likes the most.

But I am going to recommend that you go one step further.

If you already have that trust with your community, ask them directly.

Who better than your client to tell you why they are constantly paying you? What is it that makes you want to stay?

Give them the opportunity to speak, to explain the reasons that make them stay in your business with each renewal.

We are used to preparing surveys for those customers who do not buy or who leave the subscription.

We want to know why they are leaving, where we failed and where we could improve.

But … what if instead of this, we empowered the people who follow to the bottom of the canyon and do not leave?

And if we ask them, what are the ones that really interest us?

Before worrying about recovering a client or attracting a new one, build loyalty to the one who is already inside.

With your opinion, we are sure that you will discover what is that pillar that sustains your entire business.

Differentiate the two types of content: shiny objects and valuables in the closet

The difference of your membership

You may not have realized it until now, but you have two types of content in your membership that we are sure you had not stopped to analyze.

  • The shiny objects.
  • And the wardrobe value.

Let me explain them to you one by one.

Shiny objects

The shiny objects are the claims that we have from outside to attract the attention of potential new clients.

It’s brilliant content so anyone wants to subscribe.

It can be a fad or a topic that is relevant today.

For example, when a new season of «Game of Thrones» premiered, HBO memberships skyrocketed.

That was the shiny object.

But then what is wardrobe value?

The wardrobe value

It is about nothing more and nothing less than that content that is not so brilliant from the outside but that makes those who stay always have more value.

Come on, continuing with the previous example, since you paid for your HBO membership, you took the opportunity to see other series that were in the catalog.

And it is very likely that as a result of this, someone got hooked and ended up staying in the membership even when the season of «Game of Thrones» had ended.

When you have differentiated these two types of content from your membership, it will be easier for you to discover which is the pillar that sustains it.

It is your time to work on the pillar of your membership

Now that you know all the aspects that you must analyze and take into account when finding the pillar of your membership, it is time to get down to work.

Analyze, act and differentiate yourself.

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