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How to choose the best membership model for your business

El mejor modelo de membresía
✨ Do you want to choose the best membership model for your business? Analyze all the available options and choose the most appropriate 🚀

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When we talk about a membership model for your online business, it seems that there is only one type of business, but nothing is further from the truth.

Within this typology there are different proposals to which we can pay attention and we will talk about this precisely in this post.

Let’s go!

What types of membership models are there?

Membership models

Before continuing, I want to share with you a notice for boaters.

What I am going to propose to you now is simply a common series of typologies that you can choose to implement or not.

  • Delivery memberships.
  • Community memberships.
  • Development memberships.
  • Content memberships.
  • Service memberships.

We will discuss each one separately below. But the important thing is that you also have a peripheral vision to access all the information.

Only then can you make the most appropriate decision and ensure that you are on the right track.

Deliveries or product memberships: what are they and what do you have to watch out for?

Do you remember the famous Readers’ Circle that gave an entire generation to read?

Actually, this was a delivery or product membership.

In exchange for an amount every month, you receive a certain product at home.

When it comes to being valued by the customer, it is easier for you to be willing to pay a higher amount.

Being a physical product, it is inevitable that you value the product you have in hand more.

However, when it comes to managing it as an entrepreneur or company, it also has its complications.

Whenever elements such as stocks, transport, storage come into play …

Costs and headaches increase.

So before you go on the adventure of creating a product or deliverable membership model, make sure it’s exactly what you want to do.

Community Memberships: Why Are They Succeeding?


Here I have to tell you again that the human being is a social animal and that, therefore, we need to get together with similar people.

Although you already know that.

However, the important thing for your community membership model is that the fact of being there has a value beyond.

Even if you haven’t considered it until now, people are willing to pay to belong to a group.

An example is Sabandijers.

A community of Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who are distributed all over the world and who come together to feel part of something bigger.

But if we go back many years, the typical country clubs and derivatives are also in this range.

The important thing is that being part of that community has real value.

Personal or professional development memberships: people united by the same goal

Although it seems very similar to the previous one, it has its nuances.

The difference is that while the value of the previous community was to be part of the same group, in this case it is in the joint growth that can be had.

For example, if we are part of a vegan food community, we would be in the previous case.


If the goal of the community is to lose weight and gain health with vegan food, everything changes.

A goal is shared.

And it is precisely this synchrony that gives the community true value.

Content Memberships: Still King?

Content is still one of the kings when it comes to membership modalities.

And is not for less.

Whether in terms of training or entertainment, we love enjoying great content on the other side of the screen.

An example is Netflix.

See that prices do not stop rising and we continue to fall for content that mixes quality with quantity.

But he’s not the only one.

For example, VDance is specialized in training content to learn to dance and Joan Boluda’s online marketing membership is aimed at those who want to get started in this world.

Service memberships: increasingly the order of the day

If you think about it, this has been around your whole life.

For example, the electricity service offered by the electricity companies fall under this type of membership.

But today there are more and more examples of companies that offer a service for a monthly payment.

An example is a support membership for Shopify (to say the least).

For a certain amount per month you have the assurance that a team that will help you solve any problem.

Another example could be Apple’s AppleCare. You pay an amount of euros per month and you know that whatever problem you have, it will be repaired.

What membership model can you start with?

What type of membership does it start with?

There is no model that is better than another, the important thing is to understand which is the best for you.

In that sense, what we recommend is that you identify which one best suits you in your current situation.

The good news?

That there are membership models where you can start launching your business without having more resources than necessary.

And that’s the key.

Analyze your situation and make decisions …

And if you don’t know how you can start… join the Membership Club where every week we share a free Masterclass to boost your membership to infinity and beyond.

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