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Membership: a golden model for 2022

Membresía: el modelo de negocio de oro de 2022
Do you have a membership and you don't know if it is the right business model? 🤔 Why you have a diamond in the rough by 2022 👉🏻 Find out.

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During the year 2020 we live a very special situation. Especially those of us who have a membership.

With all the people locked up at home, the pitches worked better than ever.

In fact, it seemed like we were at Disneyland and there was magic making money grow.

(As in Jack and the Magic Seeds, Have You Seen It?).

Come on, you put a coin and 100 came out without having to eat your head too much.

For better and for worse, time has passed.

For the better because it seems that now we live much better than last year … and we have recovered what was called old normality.

For the bad … well, for the bad for those of us who have digital businesses and now have to try harder to get results.

And in this new normal, memberships play a huge role.

First, because you have to do different things to get results.

And then because your client will like you is key to achieving what you are looking for.

Why all this?

That is the answer you will find in today’s post …

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Membership: a golden opportunity in this new world

Membership: the golden opportunity for 2022
Have you ever dreamed of a pool like this?


The first thing you have to understand is how the market is evolving.

Before starting I have already shown you where we are moving away from, but there is still more.

More reasons to know why a membership is one of the options that, at least, you should value.


The fact that there are so many people bidding for the same attention has made it increasingly expensive and difficult to attract it.

Until the pandemic, we were few, but later the donkey gave birth.

And although it is completely true that an alternative is to find a different way of approaching advertising …

… We can also have plans that work in the medium or long term and that do not risk everything to a sale and that’s it.

That’s where memberships come in.

Less barrier to entry – a long-term value

Ready to overcome your barriers to entry?
To infinity and beyond…

When it comes to a membership, the first thing to understand is that its value to you is not in the short term, but in the long term.

Unlike premium products that take a lot of thought, when it comes to a membership you can get immediate results.

Being a much more affordable price, you need less effort to convince that person to take the step.

The challenge will be to make sure that what you find inside is what you are looking for … but that is where your ability to create the content comes in.

We cannot get so involved in this section of the strategy. We trust that what you give has a real and effective value.

However, if you get it to be aligned with what you are looking for, in the medium and long term you can ensure a series of constant, recurring and sustainable income.

The balance between two worlds: the great objective of your membership

The best business model for 2022
Find your balance and be happier

When it comes to planning the strategy that we have to use with the membership, the objective is to find a balance between two worlds.

On the one hand we have all the proposals that are related to attracting new membership users.

On the one hand we have all the proposals that are related to attracting new membership users.

These are ones that have to shine with their own light, since their objective is to get people on the other side to decide to take part.

They have to be hooks.

On the other hand, we have the bottom products.

The bottom products are all the products that are related to making the person who is already inside want to stay and feel that they are being taken care of.

Both are important and have to be part of our strategy.

And for it to work, you have to make sure you plan it to get to the right place.

How can we work it?

How to work a membership

The word is balance, but also the promotion you make of each element.


When creating a communication strategy, you must start with that content that satisfies the need of your client.

For example, imagine you have an exercise membership.

An online gym, which is now so fashionable since the pandemic.

And you know that most of the people who sign up have a specific goal: to lose fat with little time of exercise a day.

(Let’s pretend this is really possible).

In this case, your communication strategy will focus on that part of the content that will meet this goal.

And then once inside, when they’ve seen all the value in here, you can move on.

And what does this mean?

Create wardrobe content that allows your client to feel that they have a journey within the platform and that this allows them to continue moving forward.

That is to say, that wardrobe content that I have already told you about and that has good results can give you in the long term.

And if they don’t enter … what can we do?

In an ideal world, anyone who knew you would end up buying.

But the reality is different.

There are people who need more and people who need fewer processes.

So the important thing is to understand that sometimes it is the process.

That’s where a newsletter can come in.

One like the Membership Club to which you can sign up for free.

You show your potential client that you are the professional they need.

And you convince him to hire you when the time comes.

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