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How to multiply your membership conversion with cold traffic

Cómo aumentar la conversión de tu membresía
Discover how to multiply the conversion of your membership when cold traffic reaches your sales landing ✅

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This is one of the most important challenges we have with our membership model business: transforming all those leads that we have in the database into real clients. Or what is the same, increase your conversion rate.

Well, it’s screwed up with this and any other business model, really.

But if you do it right …

Ay si lo haces bien…

Well, the marimorena sounds.

And there is something very important that you should understand as soon as possible …

Every day that a contact passes in your database without you doing anything, the possibility of them becoming a customer is dying a little more

That is why it is so important that from the first moment we also have a method to convert them into real customers.

A strategy that we are going to present to you in this post so that you can apply it yourself in your day-to-day life.

Let’s go!

Let’s go there?

Conversion of your membership
How does your client get to you?

As we told you above, the longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to make the purchase decision.

A person who has come to your page and has subscribed to your database, has a genuine interest in what you have that can help him.

The reality is that you may be more or less close to becoming a real customer, but it is there.

And that is something really important.

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you try to find a way that all those contacts can end up becoming clients.

And for this you can implement the strategy that we are going to explain to you today: One Time Offer.

An OTO for friends.

What is an OTO?

An OTO is a One Time Offer.

Or what is the same, an offer that is only available once.

This nuance is very important, since thanks to it we are going to generate that sense of urgency.

Either you accept now or you lose the opportunity.

The way to do it is different in each case and in many cases it also depends on your technical ability.

But the important thing is to understand the concept.

Present an opportunity that is irrefutable and that they have to decide here and now if they want it.

So much so that if they let it pass they feel that they have committed a great stupidity.

There is the secret

How do we activate that OTO?

How to get results with your membership
Have you seen what time it is?

We could say that this is the key point of the strategy.

Everything I have told you so far is ten, but … how does all this machinery get started?

That is the key question.


As in any strategy, there must be an initial moment that kicks off everything.

The place where the path of conversion begins.

And what is this pistol shot?

One of the starting points that has always worked best has been for them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Whichever type of sequence you can start with, this is the starting gun for the sequence.

Once they have signed up, we propose the One Time Offer.

It can be on the same page they have connected to, you can do it from the email …

No matter.

The important thing is that the person has this proposal on the table and that they decide whether or not they want to act.

Have the cavalry ready by email

This is the next step.

Everything will be decided here.

If you have prepared an offer that is irresistible enough, many will buy.

But there will be no.

And those who don’t, will have a runrún.

A hum that keeps telling you that you have missed an opportunity.

And since that eats eats they will have it in their heads, with the emails we will show them that it is so.

In fact, it will be so hot – at the contact level – that we just have to press in the right places to get that yes I do.

The famous conversion.

And if I do want that, it is very feasible that we achieve it if we know what we have to press in each case.

Because if there is something important to learn, it is that you should never give up on a potential client.

We just need to understand the true learning process to make sure it is going in the right direction.

What do you have to keep? The following is the important thing …

You can’t always sell first time.

You can come up with strategies that seem irresistible, but when it comes down to it, the important thing is to understand how the client makes decisions.

And that leads you to the fact that on many occasions entering the database and receiving a sequence of emails is key to closing that client.

If you want us to talk more about this topic, let us know.

We can deepen everything you need and continue to help you achieve closings with your strategies.

And meanwhile, we wait for you inside The Membership Club. A VIP place where we share a Masterclass by email every week for free.

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