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Therapychat: the Netflix of psychologists

Therpychat: el netflix de los psicólogos
Can we work with any type of membership? Therapychat has a lot to contribute. Find out how it works 💡

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Can we work with any type of membership? Would that business idea you have in mind serve you in the subscription format? Therapychat has a lot to contribute.

In recent years we have seen that where this type of business is booming is in education.

Giving classes, having masterclasses, courses, tutorials, paid podcasts… is the only thing that can be achieved with this model.

But what if we told you that any business can be eligible to become a membership?

We see it?

Subscription to your online psychologist: have you ever considered it?


When we consider making a recurring payment business model, we have to take something into account.

Many times we will have to adapt to this format.

It is very comfortable to think directly about training because it is, as we said above, what we find most within the memberships.

This is the case of Therapychat.

A proposal that transformed the idea of ​​psychology and turned it into a kind of Netflix.

Now we tell you more, but first, we encourage you to a very important question. If you want to know more keys on how to learn sales strategies, join the membership club.

Find a niche and promote it: there is always an opportunity

El caso de los psicólogos es muy particular.

It is surrounded by stigmas and it is still hard to tell us that we deserve to take care of our mental health.

Because although it is a service that we should all try, most people do not do it for three very specific objections:

  • Time.
  • The money.
  • And the shame.

Let me tell you about each of them separately.

No tengo tiempo

This is the objection of objections.

Surely you will also find it if you are considering having a membership of your business.

We live in a world where we don’t have time for anything.

And, less, to go to the psychologist.

Therefore, having an option that allows us to connect at the moment to have the meeting with our psychologist is a great way to knock it down.

What we don’t have time for is going in person to the place where the psychologist treats you, but… connect from home?

Don’t tell them twice, because people accept without hesitation.

No tengo dinero

In public health there are some areas that are eternally forgotten:

  • The physical therapist.
  • The psychologist.
  • And the ophthalmologist.

Three areas that you have to go to privately if you want to get results and not wait for months to be listened to.

That is why going to a psychologist is an expensive process.

Especially if you have to go every two weeks.

Therapychat does very well in this regard because it offers online psychologists at the minimum price established by law.

It helps psychologists to gain a foothold in the sector, to get clients and they do it at a reduced price.

So this objection would also be overturned.

I am ashamed

We are ashamed to choose a psychologist. This is so.

Usually it’s because we’re not used to opening up to other people and having to look him in the face right off the bat is shocking.

That’s why Therapychat first offers you a chat.

There you have a first contact with your psychologist and, later, you meet face to face.

Not to mention that you are in the safety of your home during the sessions, without feeling that you are being judged or without anyone having to see you enter the portal of the clinic on duty.

And that’s how he ends the three objections almost without batting an eye.

All types of memberships: a success as a business

With everything we have just told you, you must keep something essential.

Lo importante de cualquier propuesta es comprender cuál es el dolor que tienen tus clientes y presentar una solución con ella.

To do this, focusing on a very specific niche can be of great help.

You will go straight to your potential customers, it is possible that you will position yourself as a benchmark and you will have the possibility of marking a before and after in your sector.

That is why memberships are a kind of sweet business that can work in any market.

If you want to know all the tricks and learn about how to create your own membership, we invite you to join the membership club.

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