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We help memberships like yours create a meaningful growth strategy. Not just any kind of strategy, but one that makes sense. One that allows us to sell more today and create a brand tomorrow. That is not the same.

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Specializing only in memberships gives us the knowledge we need to design strategies that really work. Powerful memberships. But you can also hire your friend’s cousin’s agency. Yes, the one that does «360 digital marketing».

"By selling more today and creating a brand tomorrow, we mean using sales strategies that are consistent with brand values and communication, which is the only way to ensure a long-term exponential effect".


Experts in sales strategies for memberships

We create strategies with Consistency

We work with 100% online memberships. Brands and digital businesses are fast, agile and adapt to changes efficiently.

What are essential ingredients to ensure success in this new digital era.

Marketing has become too generic nowadays. Many times, without what it is being clear.

It’s clear for us. We work in areas that have a direct impact with sales and branding.

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It is important that everything follows the same communication.

We have seen many big brands that had incredible work separately; good copy, good creatives, good landing, good segmentations, good strategy. But the whole lacked meaning. There was no harmony.

The message lost value.

The only way to create an exponential effect with our membership is to make sure we do native strategies. We have to have total control of the strategy. We can’t leave anything to chance.

We have to make sure of the consistency of the funnel at every stage.

How do we do it?

Own formula for memberships to sell while growing brand awareness (SALES-BRANDING STRATEGY)

Experts in multichannel strategies

Own formula for memberships to accompany the audience from the process of «I am not aware of my problem» to the desired transformation.

We do not believe in single-channel strategies.

A user, during his research process, often frequents different platforms before making a purchase decision. If an advertiser only has a presence in one channel, it will never make that user feel accompanied by the brand during that period. And if you don’t do it, your competitors will.

Designing a multichannel strategy taking into account the different messages that we must transmit throughout the consumer’s journey is what will allow us to be at their «top of mind», capture their attention, and finally generate enough trust for them to subscribe to our membership.

How can we help you?

We work only with memberships. Growth, creation and consulting are our specialties. And you,
What are you looking for?

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Facebook & Instagram Ads


Our more than 8 years managing Facebook Ads campaigns, not only allows us to design a complete funnel strategy, but also allows us to know each and every one of the possibilities offered by the tool. In addition, thanks to the volume of investment we manage and thanks to the quality of our ads, we have exclusive support from Facebook Dublin for the management of our clients' accounts.

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Email Marketing


High advertising costs, iOS 14.5, account blocking... The average user receives between 4,000 and 5,000 impacts per day from ads on social networks. On the other hand, how many emails do you receive per day? much less. Nowadays, email marketing is one of the most personal strategies to connect with our prospects. It is the perfect tool to work in sync with online advertising. Nurturing through email guarantees a successful digital strategy.

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Google & Youtube Ads


Google Ads offers different platforms where we can advertise. Knowing how to take advantage of each and every one of these channels will allow us to obtain high quality traffic. The search done in Google Shopping is a search with a very high probability of becoming a customer. And if that click does not convert, remarketing on the display network, with the right message, will make that user end up making the purchase.

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Strategic Consulting


Sometimes it is very difficult to be critical of your own business. Be objective, unbiased. When you feel you should be getting better results it's time to seek help. Use our experience working with hundreds of memberships to boost your business. We will be very clear with you. We will make a study of your project, your competition, and your goals. Is your business ready for growth?


Membership Site


Kajabi, Hotmart, Thinkific, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. More and more platforms are offering to host your courses. And many others allow you to create a community. Can you imagine your own platform that has it all together? We create your private site so you can communicate in a real and unique way with your audience. Gamification, services, upsells, all in one place 100% customizable to your needs and objectives. Made by marketers, to sell more, not by developers.

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From online course to membership


One of the most important steps is the change from infoproducer to membership. If done right, it can be very profitable from day 1. If done wrong, we may need months to recover. If you have several online courses and you are thinking about creating a membership before creating it, contact us. We will create a winning strategy to make the change a success.

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You've made it this far, now what?
Let's have a 30 minute call and talk about your membership. We promise to be honest with you if you promise to be honest. Fair enough?



The specific funnel for memberships

It costs 4 times less to get a customer to buy again than to get a new customer.

In memberships it is even stronger. It costs 8 times less for a customer to stay with you on your subscription than to get a new customer.

The costs of online advertising are getting higher and higher. There is more and more competition. It is not enough to do it well.

The goal of memberships is bigger. It is to make a solid and scalable business in the long term. Exponential. Go with the compound interest of the business.

To do this we have to work with an acquisition Funnel and a retention Funnel as part of the complete strategy. This is the only way to ensure that we attract more and more customers with fewer and fewer resources, that they stay longer, and that they recommend us.

Use our experience with customers and in our own businesses to simplify processes and maximize results.

Our own membership method helps us create exponential results.

Specialization gives us the expertise.



Relationships based on transparency, trust, closeness produce the best results.

"Magí and Eric have helped me to attract new clients and to position my new High Ticket membership. To all infoproducers, I recommend working with these wizards!"
Patrick Wind
"Thanks to them I have found many new strategies to apply in my business and that of my clients. They have non-negotiable values and give you results. The perfect mix."
Yan Vispo
Rumbo Eficiente
"You have not only helped us to become more profitable. But to understand and to be involved in the whole process of construction and growth of the brand."
David Rhing
Be Fit And Sensual
"You have helped me automate my business. To give that harmony to the brand that is so badly needed so that everything makes sense. I hope to continue working together for a long time!"
Maria Puntí
"With the help of X-15 Media we have implemented a new funnel and a new way of doing things - I can guarantee you are membership experts!"
Álex Izquierdo
Ads Academy



Eric Górriz and Magí Pons, Directors of X-15 Media and creators of the Sales-Branding Strategy methodology.

Experts in digital business with more than 5 years of experience in the online world and more than 2M€ invoiced on the internet.

Having failed with their own businesses, digital and in-person (3 to be specific), Magí and Eric learned the hard way that digital marketing is much more than bringing traffic to a website or working social networks. It requires the right (and complete) funnel accompanied by a specialized strategy and implementation.

Eric and Magí advise memberships of all sizes to know how to bring out their full potential and create growth strategies.

Thanks to their work with their own and their clients’ businesses, they are considered membership and launch experts.

And you, are you ready to grow your membership?

Let’s have a call and see how we can help you.

Einstein once said; "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it.

X-15 Business


While we teach our (proven) strategies to our clients, we continue to manage and lead several of our own businesses.

One of the businesses we are most proud of. VdanceClub is an online Latin dance teaching membership with the best salsa and bachata dancers in the world. More than 10 world-renowned artists in one leading community, democratizing dance worldwide.

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We teach open to the public on our blog, have fun at The Membership Club and get intimate with our clients.

X-15: The Fastest Manned Rocket Plane In History

Bold, black and blazingly fast: the American X-15 was an aircraft like no other. And although it first flew more than 60 years ago, it remains the fastest manned aircraft in the world.

It’s no coincidence that we chose this name for our membership agency.

Online memberships have to be, today more than ever, bold, disruptive and fast. It is not enough to do things well, we are obliged to seek excellence.

Thinking about today and tomorrow.

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Shaped more like a bullet than a conventional aircraft, the rocket-powered X-15 completed 199 test flights over nine years, beginning in 1959. It could reach the edge of space and then glide toward Earth in a matter of minutes, reaching 6.7 times the speed of sound.

The plane was flown by an elite team of just 12 pilots, including Neil Armstrong, where it displayed the legendary problem-solving skills that would eventually give him command of Apollo 11.

The X-15, like us, had a particularly ambitious goal.

«Only Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are those who do» as Steve Jobs would say.

And it all begins and ends with memberships. Tribes, communities.

Religions are memberships at an extreme level, big brands are communities. Businesses that dared to change the world, starting with the first action.

Our ability to think long term and act accordingly today are what will decide our future.

The X-15 rocket plane, like good business, appreciates more as time goes by.

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A great brand combines design and conveys company’s value evoking emotion and drive strategy.

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